STEMvironment-Monday: Habittrekking

STEMvironment-Monday: Habittrekking

This week in the Science strand (“S”TEMvironment) students will explore the habitat around the IMSA grounds, especially the IMSA pond. Their discovery started with reading “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, which tells about the animals that lose their homes in the trees when the trees are cut down, and the fish that lose their homes when the water is polluted. The story may be fictional, but it is an all-too-real scenario today.

Students assembled and setup their Particle Collectors to gather data until Friday. These Particle Collectors were placed around the campus – near vents, in bathrooms, and outside. They then went habittrekking to observe the diversity and needs of the plants and animals that occupy our environment, and completed a data chart on the evidence they found.

Ask your student:

What is similar and what is different about the plants and animals you observed in the environment and those that are domesticated such as pets and potted plants?